About My Work

I am in private practice on the island of Maui in Hawaii.  

As a Jungian and transpersonal therapist, psychotherapy is based on the concepts and principles of depth psychology.   Sandplay as a psychotherapeutic process is employed as is Dream Interpretation and other established methods of integrating unconscious material.  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is used to facilitate desensitization of traumatic experience.  TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and EFT (Emotional Free Technique) are both used to ameliorate inner pain, limiting thoughts and depressed feelings.  

My major interests are mid-life transitions and transpersonal experience with a strong focus on growth through psychological and spiritual maturation.  Yet I also value my inner work with those with other needs and with  children for the wonder they bring with them through their dreams and thoughts.  It is a meaningful privilege to be present and accompany others during their inner journeys.

I facilitate weekly dream interpretation circles for those committed to their own inner journey through group process.  I teach workshops and seminars in Dream Interpretation, The Shadow, Mythology, Symbolism, Depth Psychology, and Sandplay as a psychotherapeutic process .

Dreams are the royal road into the psyche revealing dynamics within both the personal and collective unconscious.   When I teach a seminar on Dream Interpretation I include concepts and models of the inner journey, and teach methods of working with dreams that provide participants with the skills needed to begin to understand the language of dreams.  Dreams are given in symbolic language which becomes the dreamers responsibility to interpret.  In the ten hour course given over a three week period we cover dream themes, symbol amplification, the dream ego, the shadow, transpersonal dreams, expressive dreamwork and active imagination.  I also work with participants dreams during each of the four classes.  It is important to approach dreams in an open way, inviting them to reveal their meaning rather than imposing beliefs onto them.  

Sandplay is a psychotherapeutic approach to the psyche developed by Frau Dora Kalff.  I  had the opportunity to see her present a case  using Sandplay as the only form of treatment during a Transpersonal Conference in Bombay, India in February,1982.  I was drawn by the silent, nonverbal nature of the process, by the images evoked from the depths of the patients psyche and by the archetypal healing the process allowed. Later that year I  moved to Switzerland to spend 20 months training with Frau Kalff in Sandplay and also studying at the Jung Institute.

Sandplay is a nonverbal form of therapy capable of reaching  preverbal levels of the psyche.  The sandtray itself becomes a receptive container activated and led by the creative force of the Self.  The sand serves as a new land, a three dimensional field for integrating psychic content which is activated in the process.  Using a tray of sand  of a specific size the patient builds a three dimensional scene using the sand and choosing from the thousands of miniature figures available.  One sees that a hidden connection exists between the chosen image and its placement in the sand that is not arbitrary but has a basis in the structure of the psyche.  In this therapy one is integrating psychic content through self construction.  He is not being taught but revealing his own image.  The image is not filtered through the therapist, not interpreted and not analyzed.

An important aspect of training is the requirement that the trainee engage in her own therapeutic sandplay process for without this depth experience she cannot fully understand the inner force of the process which is important for her to hold in facilitating another’s healing.  Thru an extended sandplay experience one realizes that within the unconscious there is an autonomous tendency for the psyche to heal itself given this opportunity.   

EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a clinical  treatment originated through the work of Dr. Francine Shapiro.  It has been shown to be an effective treatment for trauma, both current and repressed.  Using saccadic eye movements, as observed during REM sleep, or other left-right stimulation EMDR helps reprocess disturbing thoughts and memories.  Desensitization and reprocessing of trauma or other stresses which were engendered during a developmental period take place on a neurophysiological level leading to adaptive resolution.  The therapy model has prescribed procedures and protocols for choosing targets for the therapeutic session.  

I also work with people who live on the mainland or other islands through phone appointments.    I can be contacted for appointments by phone or Email.  

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About Myself


Name: Meredith W. Moon, Ph.D.

Birthday: May 24, 1934


Ph.D. Depth Psychology,

M.A. Transpersonal Psychology

B.S. Occupational Therapy, OTR

Additional Study:

CG Jung Institute, Zurich, Suisse


Sandplay Training, Dora Kalff

    1982-83  Kusnacht, Suisse

Shalem, Spiritual Direction Trng.

    2000-2002  Washington, D.C.

EMDR, Level I and II,

    1995-96 Francine Shapiro,PhD

TFT, Thought Field Therapy


My Favorites

Books: Memoirs

Quote: “Not we but one.”

Meher Baba

Travel Desinations:

I have a condo in India at Meherabad and try to go there at least a month each year.  Other travel includes Jungian Seminars world wide.