As a psychotherapist I experience the Inner Journey, for those called to make it, as a wondrous and meaningful quest leading eventually to psychological and spiritual maturity.  It is a search for meaning and truth, the truth of who one is beneath the layers of the conditioned mind.  The road one travels has twists and turns, blind spots, detours and hidden treasures.   There are moments of intense clarity and others that are stormy and clouded. Always though, for me, there is the sense of being guided, of being led through the maze of unconscious material toward ever deeper understanding and wisdom.

Elements of both the personal and the collective unconscious are best revealed through attention to ones own night time dreams.  Through dreams, the shadow, our undeveloped and unowned aspects, are revealed leading to eventual acceptance and integration.  Dream stories often give insight into limiting patterns bound to the needs of a false self or tied to psychological complexes ready to be understood and relativized.  The big dreams, those we never forget, teach spiritual truths binding us to our  oneness with the divine realms.

It is through learning the symbolic language of  the dream world that we are able to embrace our own unique path, learn to let go of assumptions and culturally imposed beliefs and live from the largeness  of the Self.  Having made my own inner journey, I find meaning  in accompanying  others on their journeys, making the way both easier and safer for them.

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